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Archive for the ‘George’s Home Movies’ Category

DVD 20130724

Friday, November 1st, 2013

[media id=19 width=320 height=240]

The DVD with the last of Dad’s 8mm movies is on it’s way to Dave. Here is the information I was able to get off of the boxes.  None of them had a discernible postmark date.  Four out of ten reels had no label on the box.

Five had Brigham City return addresses (reel #9 was addressed to “Marcia

Riddle”) and the rest had San Diego addresses.  Reel #10 is a mystery.  As far as I know, Dad no longer had a functioning camera by 1976. Anybody have a different opinion?


Reel  Dated Label                                 Address

==== =======  ====================================  ============

1  Unknown  <Blank>                               Brigham City

2  Unknown  <Blank>                               Brigham City

3  Unknown  <Blank>                               Brigham City

4  Unknown  1967 Indian                           Brigham City

5  Unknown  Jul ’67 Florida Keenan’s Bill & Jean  San Diego

6  Unknown  Summer ’68                            San Diego

7  Unknown  Summer ’69                            San Diego

8  Unknown  <Blank>                               San Diego

9  Unknown  Statues, Saigon, Scenery & Coolies    Brigham City

10  Unknown  11-76 SD & Pinnacles Nat Monument     Unknown


As usual, comments are not only permitted, but I am (figuratively) on my knees begging for some comments.  By the “best guess” dates of the earliest of these reels, I had already moved out of the house in Brigham City and was living in Logan.  Then I got married and went into the Air Force early in 1966.  So, do not look for me in any of those films.  Which makes me even more ignorant than usual about their contents.

DVD 20130426

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

[media id=17 width=320 height=240]

Here are the “best-I-can-determine” dates (usually from postmarks) and contents (from notes in Mom’s handwriting):

 Date       Remarks
=======     =================================
May ’64     <unlabeled>
Feb ’65     Xmas ’64
May ’66     Phil’s house & Larry’s wedding
Jun ’66     Glenn Canyon & Zion
Aug ’66     Swimming at Phil’s & Flaming Gorge
Sep ’66     Flaming Gorge / Ashley Nat Forest / Brigham front yard
Jan ’67     Cache Nat Forest / Bear Lake / Soda Springs / House shots (interior)
Sep ’67     Bellevue & St Charles Idaho

Most of what is here is from after I moved out of the house.  I moved to Logan (and into the frat house) in the Winter of ’62-’63 and spent the vast majority of my time there.  I might be in the Christmas movie, but that is about it.  I do not recognize much of what else is going on.

The final DVD of Dad’s 8mm movies is currently at Costco waiting for me to pick it up.  After I send it along to Dave, everything that I could do for Dad’s movies will have been done

DVD 20120502

Friday, August 24th, 2012

[media id=16 width=320 height=240]


This set all came from boxes with someone’s (probably Mom’s?) opinion as to what was inside and, mostly, the actual date or some information leading to a guess as to the approximate date. Sometimes, the only clue was the postmark on the box. The chronological sequence should be acceptable.

Reel #1: Postmark: Sep 18 ’63

Label: None

Reel #2: Postmark: Jan 25 ’64

Label: None


Reel #3: Postmark: May 23 ’64(?)

Label: Christmas


Reel #4: Postmark: Jul 5 ’65

Label: Don’ Birthday 1965 + Easter, Bill & David


Reel #5: Postmark: Jul 21 ’65

Label: Camp Pinecliff Mt Hood Bill & Phil Alan


Reel #6: Postmark: Jul 31 ’65

Label: 65 Coast trip scenery


Reel #7: Postmark: Jul 31 ’65

Label: Billy’s, Ray’s, and Marybeth’s birthdays


Reel #8: Postmark: Nov 27 ’65

Label: Pool at Anna’s Beach Brigham Home


What I think I see:


00:00 Fire in mountains?

01:00 Blue station wagon/Montana capitol/Canada

(Exposure control problems begin)

04:27 Don, Ray, Gram, & Mom somewhere

05:40 Bryce Canyon

06:20 Lots of Ray and Don


07:25 Ray feeding a bird (as St Francis of Assisi?)

07:50 Christmas 1963? (with blonde bouffant ME?)

09:10 Someone’s birthday and …?

11:15 My first car (’57 Buick Special) and 8’x42′

trailer in Everett, WA and then Idaho

12:22 Don’s birthday (8th) with Bill the Younger,

David(?), and Debbie?


13:25 Skiing at Beaver Mtn?

14:30 Back in Brigham with lots of kids/Bill the

Elder and David

16:40 Golden Mercury and camping

18:30 Multnomah Falls in Oregon

19:55 More of the Don and Ray Show


25:00 Bill the Younger’s birthday

26:10 Ray’s birthday

28:31 Marybeth’s(?) birthday

29:25 Golden Gate Bridge

29:50 Beach somewhere


30:40 Pool at Aunt Anna’s?

31:20 Brigham again

32:00 Peach Days and home


Comments? Additions? Denials? Flames?





Download 20120502.ISO and burn it to DVD it have in your own collection. Note: The file is 1.1GB in size



DVD 20120330

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

DVD 20120330: This set also came from boxes with someone’s (Mom’s?) opinion as to what was inside and, mostly, the actual date or some information leading to a guess as to the approximate date. Sometimes, the only clue was the postmark on the box. The chronologic sequence should be acceptable.

[media id=15 width=320 height=240]

Reel #1: Postmark: Jul 20 ’62

Label: Yellowstone


Reel #2: Postmark: Sep 7 ’62

Label: Sun Valley


Reel #3: Postmark: None

Label: Mountains-Don’t have a clue!


Reel #4: Postmark: Unreadable ’62

Label: None


Reel #5: Postmark: Nov 10 ’62

Label: None


Reel #6: Postmark: None

Label: Christmas 1962


Reel #7: Postmark: Jan 16 ’63

Label: None


Reel #8: Postmark: None

Label: Peach Parade Ray marching <- Base Drum




Download 2012330.ISO and burn it to DVD it have in your own collection. Note: The file is 1.1GB in size



DVD 20120313

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

DVD 20120313: This set all came from boxes with someone’s (Mom’s?) opinion as to what was inside and, mostly, the actual date or some information leading to a guess as to the approximate date. Sometimes, the only clue was the postmark on the box. And for one the postmark is unreadable and the box is unmarked, but the prepaid processing put it in the latter half of this set. Anyway, the chronologic sequence should be better than the last set.

[media id=14 width=320 height=240]

Reel #1: Postmark: Jan 16 ’61

Label: None


Reel #2: Postmark: None

Label: Jackson Hole Mid July 1961


Reel #3: Postmark: None

Label: Wonder Lake July 1961


Reel #4: Postmark: None

Label: Arches Sept 3 1961


Reel #5: Postmark: None

Label: Arches Sept 3 1961 Broken Film


Reel #6: Postmark: Unreadable

Label: None


Reel #7: Postmark: Aug -3 ’62

Label: Wonder Lake


Reel #8: Postmark: Sep 15 ’62

Label: Chicago Crystal Springs

Download 2012313.ISO and burn it to DVD it have in your own collection. Note: The file is 1.1GB in size

DVD 20120227

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

[media id=13 width=320 height=240]

This 400 feet of film (eight 50 foot reels) is almost guaranteed to be in no proper chronological order.  These were loose reels (not in boxes) with absolutely no identification on them whatsoever.  Good luck trying to figure these out.

Here is what I think.  The compilation starts off in Utah with some who-knows-where scenics.  Then we have Ray(?), Don(?) and friend(s) doing typical young kid stuff.  Then on to (again, I think) the Quad at Utah State University with marching ROTC troops.  I don’t recall Dad ever filming me marching there, but who knows?

That is followed by a picnic somewhere with Ray(?), Don, Grandma, Casper, and ME(?) doing the cooking(?).  Did ME know how to cook then?  All of a sudden, were in some town I don’t recognize but the kids are playing at the base of a missile.  From the mountains in the background, it still looks like Utah, but it doesn’t look like Brigham City.

Then were somewhere else, at somebody’s house I don’t recognize.  However, Dad’s blue ’62 Ford station wagon has finally made an appearance.  Lots of views of whomever’s house and then on the road again to…?  Perhaps Bryce Canyon?  (Which, apropos to nothing in particular, was named after one of Judy’s Bryce ancestors.  And, according to family history, it is “a hell of a place to lose a cow!”)

And now we’re at Aunt Anna’s place in San Pedro and on the beach near there.  I think.  And then in some town, somewhere that I don’t recognize.  Followed by Cocoa Beach, Florida(?) for a visit with someone.  And then back to San Pedro.  (I told you there was no proper chronological order here!)  And back to Brigham City.  Followed by who know what (guesses please).  And Ray and Don on the slip-and-slide.

Then Dad’s blue Ford Econoline pick-up makes an appearance.  And we’re on the road again.  Guesses?  Followed by a fairly ruined reel of film taken in some city, somewhere.  And then, finally, on the road again to the end of the 400 feet of film (just under 30 minutes long).


Download 20120227.ISO and burn it to DVD it have in your own collection. Note: The file is 1.1GB in size

DVD 20120117

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

So, OK, now life gets a little more entertaining. I’ve got another reel of film processed. It is called 20120117 and has the contents of the film reel can labeled “No 4”. Which would seem to indicate that it should follow the stuff on the reel labeled “No 3” (which Dave just put out for your viewing pleasure).


It starts out with some scenics of God-knows-where, then back to Hawthorne Drive. But, (and here’s the kicker) some things just do not look right. The front yard lawn looks green, but the side and back yards are all rocks and dirt. The tree in the front is tiny. The awning over the kitchen window does not exist.

And ain’t that entertaining? I think this is probably the reel that should have been in the can labeled “No 2”. But I’m more than willing to listen to everybody else’s opinions on the proper sequence. I decline to accept responsibility for this error.
Should we blame Donald?

Lots of other stuff on the reel that doesn’t look all that familiar to me and much that does. One of the familiar things is another Peach Days parade. Comments! Comments! Comments!

[media id=10 width=320 height=240]


DVD 20111215

Friday, February 10th, 2012

The film opens with Casper, et al, on the front lawn.  It then swiftly changes to scenes from the Promontory Point Monument area.  And then, another Peach Day Parade!

Then we have a quick trip back to Hawthorne Drive, a quick trip up into the hills (Bear Lake?) and a return to Hawthorne Drive.  ME, Don, and I in “sunday-go-to-meetin'” clothes and we’re off to Little America (In Wyoming, I think. Penguins, anyway.).  And now back home to take Phil (in uniform?) off the the airport in Salt Lake City.  Where Phil gets on a United Airlines plane with four big round iron engines and propellers.  My, how times have changed.

Next we’re off to somewhere (Aunt Anna’s or Aunt Dorothy’s?  Any guesses?) and back to snow in Hidden Village.  Ray makes a snowman.  Then off to another lake, somewhere.

I hope somebody has a better idea as to what’s going on here than do I.  If this is 1963 (or later) then I’m living at the Delta Sig house in Logan and out of touch with what’s going on

[media id=9 width=320 height=240]


DVD 20111128

Monday, December 26th, 2011

This is the second 400′ 8mm film reel[media id=8 width=320 height=240]


DVD 20111015

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

[media id=6 width=320 height=240]

My belief that it is 1959 is that there is an Edsel station wagon (I liked that car) parked in the driveway, “Have V8 Will Travel”
(I’ll let Bill explain) is parked out front, the “lawn” is a bunch of rocks and mud, and Casper is a puppy.

There is a lot of Dad’s usual unidentifiable scenery, but there are also a lot of people at least some of you will recognize.
And (I think) the Meeker’s station wagon towing a sled along the ice covered Hawthorne Drive.