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DVD 20120502

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This set all came from boxes with someone’s (probably Mom’s?) opinion as to what was inside and, mostly, the actual date or some information leading to a guess as to the approximate date. Sometimes, the only clue was the postmark on the box. The chronological sequence should be acceptable.

Reel #1: Postmark: Sep 18 ’63

Label: None

Reel #2: Postmark: Jan 25 ’64

Label: None


Reel #3: Postmark: May 23 ’64(?)

Label: Christmas


Reel #4: Postmark: Jul 5 ’65

Label: Don’ Birthday 1965 + Easter, Bill & David


Reel #5: Postmark: Jul 21 ’65

Label: Camp Pinecliff Mt Hood Bill & Phil Alan


Reel #6: Postmark: Jul 31 ’65

Label: 65 Coast trip scenery


Reel #7: Postmark: Jul 31 ’65

Label: Billy’s, Ray’s, and Marybeth’s birthdays


Reel #8: Postmark: Nov 27 ’65

Label: Pool at Anna’s Beach Brigham Home


What I think I see:


00:00 Fire in mountains?

01:00 Blue station wagon/Montana capitol/Canada

(Exposure control problems begin)

04:27 Don, Ray, Gram, & Mom somewhere

05:40 Bryce Canyon

06:20 Lots of Ray and Don


07:25 Ray feeding a bird (as St Francis of Assisi?)

07:50 Christmas 1963? (with blonde bouffant ME?)

09:10 Someone’s birthday and …?

11:15 My first car (’57 Buick Special) and 8’x42′

trailer in Everett, WA and then Idaho

12:22 Don’s birthday (8th) with Bill the Younger,

David(?), and Debbie?


13:25 Skiing at Beaver Mtn?

14:30 Back in Brigham with lots of kids/Bill the

Elder and David

16:40 Golden Mercury and camping

18:30 Multnomah Falls in Oregon

19:55 More of the Don and Ray Show


25:00 Bill the Younger’s birthday

26:10 Ray’s birthday

28:31 Marybeth’s(?) birthday

29:25 Golden Gate Bridge

29:50 Beach somewhere


30:40 Pool at Aunt Anna’s?

31:20 Brigham again

32:00 Peach Days and home


Comments? Additions? Denials? Flames?





Download 20120502.ISO and burn it to DVD it have in your own collection. Note: The file is 1.1GB in size



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