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DVD 20111215

The film opens with Casper, et al, on the front lawn.  It then swiftly changes to scenes from the Promontory Point Monument area.  And then, another Peach Day Parade!

Then we have a quick trip back to Hawthorne Drive, a quick trip up into the hills (Bear Lake?) and a return to Hawthorne Drive.  ME, Don, and I in “sunday-go-to-meetin'” clothes and we’re off to Little America (In Wyoming, I think. Penguins, anyway.).  And now back home to take Phil (in uniform?) off the the airport in Salt Lake City.  Where Phil gets on a United Airlines plane with four big round iron engines and propellers.  My, how times have changed.

Next we’re off to somewhere (Aunt Anna’s or Aunt Dorothy’s?  Any guesses?) and back to snow in Hidden Village.  Ray makes a snowman.  Then off to another lake, somewhere.

I hope somebody has a better idea as to what’s going on here than do I.  If this is 1963 (or later) then I’m living at the Delta Sig house in Logan and out of touch with what’s going on

[media id=9 width=320 height=240]

Download 20111215.ISO and burn it to DVD it have in your own collection. Note: The file is 1.1GB in size


I can say almost positively that at least some of the scenes were taken in 1961. That is probably me getting on the plane in Salt Lake in uniform. I did that twice. The first time was February of 1961 and the second in May 1964. February 1961 was the first time I took leave from the USS Elkhorn, which had just arrived in San Diego from Pearl Harbor. I met Marcia the next week at a dance at the officer’s club. That is definitely Mike and Dorothy’s home at 2510 S. Gaffey in San Pedro. They could see all the way south to Dana Point from that window. You all probably went to that house after my wedding in Rosemead on 17 May 1961. That was the house I stayed in the previous night and Aunt Dorothy gave me the special wedding present of the bullet I was shot with at Pearl Harbor.

I have one question. When did Dad get rid of that Edsel? That might help date the production as well.


Well, we had the 1958(?) Edsel station wagon and the 1953 Ford sedan when we got there (Summer of 1959?). We kept the Edsel through my high school years but traded the 1953 Ford for a 1957(?) Ford around 1960-61. Sometime before I started college (I think) at Utah State in Sep 1962, the Edsel disappeared and was replaced by a 1962(?) blue Ford station wagon. And the 1957 Ford sedan was replaced by a 1964(?) blue Ford E-150 pick-up. In 1964-65(?) the station wagon was replaced by a Mercury sedan, year unknown.

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  1. Ray says:

    The Peach Day parade looks to be the summer of 1959. Car dealers lend out their newest models to pull floats. The newest cars I saw were a ’59 Impala, and a ’58 Ford. I don’t think those were shots of Bear Lake – the shape & terrain is wrong – Logan Canyon? There were some clips from a picnic in the park in Box Elder Canyon.

    Cross-country trip to Chicago? There’s a clip showing “Little America”, out in the Wyoming wasteland.

    Don running around in the city park in Ogden.

    I vaguely remember us taking Dad to the SLC airport, and putting him on a flight.

    First snow on Hawthorne Dr. in ’59. M.E. pulling Don on a sled (he always got the special treatment – the little SNOT!)

    Scenic lake – definitely not Bear Lake – too pretty – on the way to the Grand Tetons.

    Another lake – southern Idaho?

    Don (little snot) being helped along the Slip ‘N’ Slide (brand new invention then) by M.E.

    Ray rolling a snowman, supervised by Casper.

    Either Mr. Robinson (next door), or Mr. Meeker (up the street) pulling kids on sled behind car.

    Little Don wailing a cherry tree branch into submission.

    I believe that was Thanksgiving at Mike & Doroty’s in San Pedro.

    Elks Fourth Of July picnic in Box Elder Canyon park – Ollie waving an Oly.

    Elks picnic – Ray getting beat by a big kid in the foot race – up in a tree (for which I later caught Hell from Dad).

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