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DVD 20120117

So, OK, now life gets a little more entertaining. I’ve got another reel of film processed. It is called 20120117 and has the contents of the film reel can labeled “No 4”. Which would seem to indicate that it should follow the stuff on the reel labeled “No 3” (which Dave just put out for your viewing pleasure).


It starts out with some scenics of God-knows-where, then back to Hawthorne Drive. But, (and here’s the kicker) some things just do not look right. The front yard lawn looks green, but the side and back yards are all rocks and dirt. The tree in the front is tiny. The awning over the kitchen window does not exist.

And ain’t that entertaining? I think this is probably the reel that should have been in the can labeled “No 2”. But I’m more than willing to listen to everybody else’s opinions on the proper sequence. I decline to accept responsibility for this error.
Should we blame Donald?

Lots of other stuff on the reel that doesn’t look all that familiar to me and much that does. One of the familiar things is another Peach Days parade. Comments! Comments! Comments!

[media id=10 width=320 height=240]

Download 20120117.ISO and burn it to DVD it have in your own collection. Note: The file is 1.1GB in size


The first part of the movie is early 1960 positively. I left Brigham City 10 May 1960 to join the Navy. There are two views of my 1957 Renault Dauphine which went with me. The first view of the car is the probably the morning after the engine caught on fire when I was driving it home from one of the local “watering holes”. It was a Friday night and I was feeling no pain and was wondering why the fire was following me home. When I realized it was the car on fire, I stopped and dove into a ditch and waited for the car to explode. I finally put the fire out by throwing dirt on the engine. Larry and I pushed the car home next morning and the he rewired the engine with whatever Dad had available in the house. It ran fine until I traded it in for a sports car later that year in Honolulu (1961 Austin Healy Sprite which I had to get rid of when I married Marcia).

I also think I recognized Bob Werling with you guys at a picnic. Much later I think I saw Jim and Walker Keenan sitting on the patio.

At the beginning it looked like Dad was filming birds on what looked like the Great Salt Lake.

Did you guys go to Chicago that summer and come back through the Dakotas and Wyoming?


Mary Ellen

• Lake
• Don
• Casper and friend
• Me, Gram, Edsel (my slip is showing)
• Phil and old car
• Casper (?)
• (?) and Larry (?) (whipping the other with a branch) seen through the Cherry tree next door
• Lake with dogs and birds
• Ray, Don, Bobby Werling (?) playing in lot next door
• Brigham City mountains, back yard and antennas
• Cherry Trees in back yard, in bloom with snow. – Stupid Cherry Trees! Never bloom before July in Utah.
• Philip’s old car
• Trees, river,
• Campground – Must have been a Thiokol picnic
• Aunt Martha and Ray
• Don, trying to get Grandma’s attention, Grandma Ollie, Aunt Martha
• Mr. Werling making silly face (I’ve got a great story about Mr. Werling)
• Looooong river with waterfall. Possibly Logan River(?)
• More river… (yawn…)
• More river …
• Bristol P* Cabins, Inquire within
• Campgrounds with trailers
• Mr. Werling trying to read something, Aunt Martha (I think..) Grandma in lower left corner
• Mr. Werling again, talking to pregnant wife Chris, who comes out of the trailer to tell him…?
• Mr. Werling on his knees (??)
• Small Werling daughter in red.
• Don playing airplane?
• Chicago (1962 or 1963)
• Aunt Martha, ?, Grandma Ollie. (Gram easily recognizable from behind…you know, because of her white hair…)
• Biergarten
• Fritz Bloom, Ray, Aunt Martha, Don, Martha Bloom and Grandma Ollie toasting whatever…
• Close up Don drinking a Dunkel
• Four more Pils please. No more Dunkel for the kid though.
• Wally and Jans in Wonder Lake Illinois
• Front door that no one used at Wally and Jan’s
• Back yard at Wally and Jan’s
• Wonder Lake
• Somebody (s) on the road in front of Wally and Jans and someone sitting on a suitcase in front of Wally and Jans (?)
• Front of Wally and Jan’s
• Back of Wally and Jan’s
• Taking the “Long Way Home”.
• Ace Hotel (I read the sign)
• Dinosaurland (somewhere between Illinois and Utah)
• Dead grass
• The Badlands – South Dakota
• Oooo, my mistake, according to the sign, it’s the BIG Badlands
• …more Badlands – looks a lot like the back yard before we started rock raking.
• Hmmm. This is Wall something. Looks like Dinosaurland to me.
• Mount Rushmore Stone Monument – North Dakota
• Someone is standing on Lincoln’s right eyebrow with a flash camera. Must be Larry. (Kidding!)
• Mt. Rushmore parking lot! (yawn)
• Wyoming – Independence Rock. (I must have slept through this part)
• Home at last!
• I am confused. That looks like Raymond in the little red swimming pool. Must be Don.
• Looks like Baby Don sitting in the dirt along side the car port
• Back yard before grass
• Neighbors raking their rocks.
• Grandma, Jim Keenan, Walker Keenan, Uncle George, Aunt Martha in back yard.
• Neighbor’s kids?
• Aunt Martha
• Casper and Pete the Basset hound that belonged to the neighbors. He fatally maimed Grandma’s pet duck. Gram hated him forever after that.
• Picnic appears to be at someone’s farm. Someone’s windy farm
• Motel. No idea
• Peach Days again. (yawn)
• Snow filled sky?
• Jan and Wally visits us in Brigham City (is that Little/young Bill Jan is holding?
• See, the neighbors are still raking those stupid never ending rocks!
• Ray and Don shoveling rocks. (Where are the child labor laws when you need them?)

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