DVD 20120330

DVD 20120330: This set also came from boxes with someone’s (Mom’s?) opinion as to what was inside and, mostly, the actual date or some information leading to a guess as to the approximate date. Sometimes, the only clue was the postmark on the box. The chronologic sequence should be acceptable.

[media id=15 width=320 height=240]

Reel #1: Postmark: Jul 20 ’62

Label: Yellowstone


Reel #2: Postmark: Sep 7 ’62

Label: Sun Valley


Reel #3: Postmark: None

Label: Mountains-Don’t have a clue!


Reel #4: Postmark: Unreadable ’62

Label: None


Reel #5: Postmark: Nov 10 ’62

Label: None


Reel #6: Postmark: None

Label: Christmas 1962


Reel #7: Postmark: Jan 16 ’63

Label: None


Reel #8: Postmark: None

Label: Peach Parade Ray marching <- Base Drum




Download 2012330.ISO and burn it to DVD it have in your own collection. Note: The file is 1.1GB in size



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