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DVD 20120227

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This 400 feet of film (eight 50 foot reels) is almost guaranteed to be in no proper chronological order.  These were loose reels (not in boxes) with absolutely no identification on them whatsoever.  Good luck trying to figure these out.

Here is what I think.  The compilation starts off in Utah with some who-knows-where scenics.  Then we have Ray(?), Don(?) and friend(s) doing typical young kid stuff.  Then on to (again, I think) the Quad at Utah State University with marching ROTC troops.  I don’t recall Dad ever filming me marching there, but who knows?

That is followed by a picnic somewhere with Ray(?), Don, Grandma, Casper, and ME(?) doing the cooking(?).  Did ME know how to cook then?  All of a sudden, were in some town I don’t recognize but the kids are playing at the base of a missile.  From the mountains in the background, it still looks like Utah, but it doesn’t look like Brigham City.

Then were somewhere else, at somebody’s house I don’t recognize.  However, Dad’s blue ’62 Ford station wagon has finally made an appearance.  Lots of views of whomever’s house and then on the road again to…?  Perhaps Bryce Canyon?  (Which, apropos to nothing in particular, was named after one of Judy’s Bryce ancestors.  And, according to family history, it is “a hell of a place to lose a cow!”)

And now we’re at Aunt Anna’s place in San Pedro and on the beach near there.  I think.  And then in some town, somewhere that I don’t recognize.  Followed by Cocoa Beach, Florida(?) for a visit with someone.  And then back to San Pedro.  (I told you there was no proper chronological order here!)  And back to Brigham City.  Followed by who know what (guesses please).  And Ray and Don on the slip-and-slide.

Then Dad’s blue Ford Econoline pick-up makes an appearance.  And we’re on the road again.  Guesses?  Followed by a fairly ruined reel of film taken in some city, somewhere.  And then, finally, on the road again to the end of the 400 feet of film (just under 30 minutes long).


Download 20120227.ISO and burn it to DVD it have in your own collection. Note: The file is 1.1GB in size

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