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DVD 20130426

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Here are the “best-I-can-determine” dates (usually from postmarks) and contents (from notes in Mom’s handwriting):

 Date       Remarks
=======     =================================
May ’64     <unlabeled>
Feb ’65     Xmas ’64
May ’66     Phil’s house & Larry’s wedding
Jun ’66     Glenn Canyon & Zion
Aug ’66     Swimming at Phil’s & Flaming Gorge
Sep ’66     Flaming Gorge / Ashley Nat Forest / Brigham front yard
Jan ’67     Cache Nat Forest / Bear Lake / Soda Springs / House shots (interior)
Sep ’67     Bellevue & St Charles Idaho

Most of what is here is from after I moved out of the house.  I moved to Logan (and into the frat house) in the Winter of ’62-’63 and spent the vast majority of my time there.  I might be in the Christmas movie, but that is about it.  I do not recognize much of what else is going on.

The final DVD of Dad’s 8mm movies is currently at Costco waiting for me to pick it up.  After I send it along to Dave, everything that I could do for Dad’s movies will have been done

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  1. Phil Riddle says:

    Definitely Christmas of 1964. That was the year Marcia spent Christmas in Brigham City and New Years in Saigon with me. There was a later view of that Christmas at about the 28 minute mark. There were several views of my back yard pool at Mount Terminus Drive in San Diego. I purchased that house about August of 1965 after returning from Saigon.

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