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DVD 20110824

Three clips from the 20110824 DVD

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Clip 1

[media id=2 width=320 height=240]

Clip 2

[media id=3 width=320 height=240]

Clip 3

[media id=4 width=320 height=240]

Download 20110824.ISO and burn it to DVD it have in your own collection. Note: The file is 580MB in size



One Response to “DVD 20110824”

  1. Don Riddle says:

    #1 Looks like “Little” Bill, with Phil before he went to Viet Nam for the first time (“65?), maybe that’s M.E., Ray and Larry on the front yard in front of the first Econoline pickup, looks like Billy with Casper, me and Kent Robertson (next door neighbor, my best friend), Gram on the driveway and early skateboarders coming down Hawthorne Dr…..maybe Ray is one of them? By the way, I first felt about Kent the way that Ray felt about me: “…annoying little brat….: Of course Ray felt that way about me all the way into my teen years.

    #2 A trip to Bryce Canyon, Southern Utah; me and Kent Robertson again; looks like Thiokol (place where Dad worked); looks like that’s Jim and Walker Keenan at the end.

    #3 Starts off with Billy in the front yard; a pool party in the backyard: Ray sitting, me clowning around in the pool, maybe with the Robertson girl (can’t remember her name); the other Robertson kids (can’t remember the name of the older brother) Debbie also; maybe Mom and Gram in the background; looks like the annual parade in Ogden (Pioneer Days?).

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